Hunger In The Maldives
February 19/2019

Gordon Ramsey’s popular TV show “Kitchen Nightmares” features tonnes of diners, cafe’s and restaurants featuring an array of menus varying from themes and cultures. You can expect to find very restaurantsMaldivian dishes on the menu but mostly, you would find a very continental variety.

From Noodles, Rice, Spaghetti and BBQ, you can find food ranging from European, Asian and American styles on the menu, giving options for the tourists coming from different parts of the world. You are likely to find Maldivian dishes during breakfast and evening, which are two popular hours of feasting for Maldivians.

For very authentic platters you can visit specialized restaurants. Male’ City & Hulhumale’ itself contains Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Bangladeshi, Italian and many more specialized restaurants to give the authentic environment for a wholesome experience. You can also find international franchise restaurants in the Velana International Airport, Hulhumale’ Ferry Terminal, Male’ Grand, Male’ Central, Hulhumale’ Centro Mall & many more locations.

If you have trouble finding any place, just find on Google Maps. Yes, the Maldives might be a spec on the map but everything is updated on the map including contact numbers which you can use to confirm their location or make a reservation. You certainly won’t feel hungry in the Maldives.