News and Updates
April 9/2019
Look up for once!
Despite the brightly saturated colors of daytime in the Maldives, take a night off and visit the beach. You are likely to be greeted by meditable calm water waves but for once, look up.
February 19/2019
Hunger In The Maldives
Gordon Ramsey’s popular TV show “Kitchen Nightmares” features tonnes of diners, cafe’s and restaurants featuring an array of menus varying from themes and cultures.
February 19/2019
Futuristic Tomorrow
Technology has a way of infiltrating through the most remote places on Earth, and it had no exception for the 200 inhabited islands of the Maldives.
February 7/2019
Dhivehi Ruh Became Culture
Way before the Maldives and the world became sickly addicted to the cheap polymers of plastic, we used raw materials that were readily available to us in our region.
February 7/2019
Sangu: Son of the Sea
Before technology, when the world adapted to industrial machinery or whichever that was available, third world countries used what nature left them. In the Maldives and many parts of South Asia, the Great Triton Shell was used as an alarm.
January 29/2019
Minutes of Submersion
Fourteen years ago today, the Maldives was peaceful and unharmed. Living independently, the people of Maldives expected nothing, until that morning of 26th December 2004.
January 19/2019
When in Maldives
When in Maldives, you are more likely to stand out in public which will get you some stares, especially in the islands. More people are used to have tourists around, so it is usually not a problem.
January 13/2019
Underwater Metropolis
It is not all about Disney’s Moana or Pixar’s Finding Nemo when it comes to the Maldives. Indeed, the Maldives is beyond its bright colours underwater, like the residents living on the land – the Maldive reef is home to bright cities underwater.
January 12/2019
Spilling Some Tea
If you were in India, anywhere you go you will smell the warm milky sensation of Chai Tea. Similarly, if you end up in Eastern Africa you are likely to find freshly roasted coffee recently picked from farms.