Futuristic Tomorrow
February 19/2019

Technology has a way of infiltrating through the most remote places on Earth, and it had no exception for the 200 inhabited islands of the Maldives. An ideal interpreter would describe the Maldives similar to a fairytale-like destination with Middle-Eastern markets and South Asian food. However, the mosaic culture of the Maldives is too unique to even compare to others, it is truly indescribable. Likewise, with the rich culture, Maldives is more updated with the entire world and this is all thanks to technology.

Over the decades, the island nation has experienced a major economic and social boom, discovering the basics like humanity first explored fire. From introducing flushable toilets in the 1980s to listening to Backstreet Boys on the Walkman; the people of Maldives became more entangled with technology over time. After Dhiraagu, the first telecommunications company opened in the Maldives, they opened the eyes of the Maldivian youth to a whole new era. Mobile phones went from boxed-mobile phones to GSM Motorollas in a span of two years. In 1996, they connected the islanders to the world by introducing internet services through DhivehiNet.

Maldivians have always been obsessed with technology, and they can't get enough. From the latest smart-phone releases leading queues at the wholesaling outlets to wireless wearable accessories decorating their look; it is indeed no doubt that technology is deeply embedded in their lives today. Interestingly, technology has also flown into the commercial side of the Maldives. With resorts updating their services using the latest tech to provide the best service they can provide. Also, internet banking and other daily services are evolving into phone applications, which also includes updating your passport. Most importantly, the Ministry of Education has donated tablets to every single student in the Maldives from first grade to tenth grade, to advance the education system to a new level. (They have even begun teaching robotics in private institutions!)

Even with the latest phones in their pockets or in their hands all day long, the country has yet a long way to go. Unfortunate enough, Maldives still uses plenty of paper forms, letters and old- school systems that could ease the community services. It is no doubt that the country will overcome these little aspects, and seek a futuristic tomorrow ahead.