News and Updates
October 8/2018
Journey to the Era of Augmented Reality
The realistic alternative to virtual reality, and the immersion of latest-tech cyborg movies into the 21st-century timeline; ARVACA is just a beginning to a new perspective of a technological revolution.
September 4/2018
The 2nd Edition of MMPRC Photography Ambassador Program
With the official signing of the second edition of the Visit Maldives Photography Ambassadors held at the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) yesterday, the Visit Maldives Photography Ambassadors Program 2018/2019 aims to create a new platform.
July 26/2018
Independence Day (July 26th 1965)
During the age of colonialism, where large powerful bodies across the world dominated over weaker bodies, Maldives was no exception to fall into becoming a territory.
August 30/2018
Cultural & Artistic Fusion
Ever wondered how special the Maldivian culture is? Visiting many countries, it is easily noticeable the significance of their cultures to other cultures, possibly due to cultural integration through migration and colonialization.
September 4/2018
The Rare Floating Diamonds
Long ago, when the Maldive islands were not dependent on imports with an accelerating economy, the island nation was not wealthy. This tourism treasure hidden deep in the Indian Ocean was not entirely poor.
August 30/2018
Football, Loved by a Nation
Walk around the local Maldivian community in the late afternoon, where the sun is prepping its departure for nightfall and you will find children to old men on their motorbikes running towards their leisure grounds.
August 25/2018
Nine-day Long Holiday Concludes
The week came to an end with exhausted holiday goers, with cramps on their backs and bags to unpack, it is time to continue the busy lifestyle of a typical Maldivian local.
August 9/2018
Broken Marvels of Maldive Seas
In the mid centre of the Chagos-Laccadives Submarine Ridge, is the naturally built border that stood against the trade routes of the Indian ocean.
August 11/2018
Separated Sister in the Colonial Era
During the ancient times when there were no territorial borders, nations were mostly separated from their culture and ethnicity.