News and Updates
July 10/2018
Authentic Celebration of Eid in Maldives
Every year there are two days that Maldivians desperately await, as they sit on the rope woven chairs they call Joalis, staring at the night sky.
August 4/2018
Adapting to the Generation Progression
Today in the 21st century, the world is facing a massive advancement in personality and cultural development, and it is all due to the transcendence of a new generation being integrated into the world workforce population.
July 24/2018
Underrated Budget Vacay
Experiencing a vacation in the Maldives is not all about the luxurious villas and resorts since the Maldives has to offer yet so much more.
July 28/2018
Kurumba Maldives Celebrates Maldivian Independence Day
Every year on 26 th of July, Maldives celebrates its Independence Day with a series of festivities to be held throughout the country.
July 21/2018
Ever wondered how Male’ became the capital of the small island nation of the Maldives? It is a frequent question asked by many locals and tourists, and the history is quite interesting.
June 25/2018
Tips to Travel in Maldives
A perfect vacation can only be achieved as long as you are immersed in comfort. It is important that you understand a couple of key hacks before you travel to any destination, even in the island paradise; The Maldives.
July 2/2018
5 Unusual Facts About Maldivians
If you are ever visiting the Maldivian community, there are certain things you may find unusual visiting from the outside world.
June 21/2018
The Maldives is Crowned as ‘Best Honeymoon Destination’ at The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine Readers’ Travel Awards
The Maldives has been crowned the winner of ‘Best Honeymoon Destination’ in the prestigious Luxury Lifestyle Magazine Readers’ Travel Awards 2018.
July 17/2018
Reigning Heroes of the Maldives Sea
Imagine waking up before dawn every single morning, to pick yourself up for work. It is not a morning jog but taking a full day trip (or two) across the open ocean in the Maldives.