News and Updates
October 21/2018
The Nostalgic Gudugudaa
Walk a few decades back in time, and you will find an apparatus very similar. Through the thatch structured cottages, sits a dense cloud of sweet smelling smoke diffusing across as the bubbling sound repeats in sequence.
October 16/2018
Humble & Patience - Rests a Queen
Where there were once shallow lagoons at the reef side of Male’, lay Sultan Ali IV (Ali Rasgefaanu) who died in battle against the Portuguese Invasion in 1558.
October 7/2018
The mystery behind the Maldive Culture
Before the world was connected by easy travel, there was very little ethnic diversification. Groups of people separated by landmasses or oceans shared similar physical and cultural characteristics.
September 30/2018
Futuristic Maldives Creating Wonders
It is always a human wonder, whether life could mean any difference in the future. We draw into the extents of our education and artistic imagination to interpret a futuristic image.
October 6/2018
Vanilla Sandbanks Then, Flavour-rich Islands Today
Ever wonder how the sterile white sandbanks developed, creating the verdant garnished centre that symbolizes the ideal island?
October 16/2018
Island of Women
In many travel journals by voyagers across the Maldives, they have not failed to state the loved hospitality by beautiful women. It is indeed no doubt, Maldivian women possessed a rather unique complexion, but why were these voyagers always referring to women?
September 6/2018
Potions & Antidotes // Maldivian Apothecary
When you feel sick or in pain, you are advised to consult a physician who will immediately recommend cures and treatments.
October 13/2018
Al-Sultana Khadeejah Sri Raadha Abaarana Mahaa Rehendhi or infamously known as Rehendhi Khadijah was the Queen of the Maldives from 1347 to 1380 running three terms.
October 10/2018
Fear of the Wave
The Maldives standing just a few feet high on the Chagos-Laccadive Submarine Ridge, the island nation is highly unlikely to experience an earthquake. However, the Maldives is always shaken up every time the red light goes off for an earthquake.