News and Updates
November 17/2018
The Bright Future of Ukulhas
Crossing the Ari Huras Kandu between Kaafu Atoll and Ari Atoll, our speedboat oozed into the turquoise lagoon of Ukulhas. Decorated with bright golden flags in the political season, Ukulhas greeted me with the eye-pinching sun; it was almost noon.
November 15/2018
Kaashitheyo – Coconut Oil
Extracted from the tropical coconut, Coconut Oil is the timeless Maldivian-made product that has been part of the island culture before the stated time.
November 13/2018
Fifty Years and Five Presidents
After the signing, the Independence treaty in July 26th 1965, Prime Minister Ibrahim Nasir was idolized as the Father of Independence.
November 5/2018
Bajiyaa Gaa Barricade
Walking on the outskirts of the dense concrete jungle Malé City, ever notice the damp barricades on the outer coast encircling all around the city?
November 4/2018
Maldivian Marvel
Like the star-spangled banner waving on the Lunar ground, there is one flag that stands proudly over the two thousand isles of the Maldives.
November 3/2018
Third Decade Since the Third
It was the time of Dawn late 1988, a time when men are usually home after prayers and women are at the beach cleaning their pots.
November 2/2018
Dhangethi, Southern Ari Atoll
As I walked on the artificial harbour of Dhangethi, Southern Ari Atoll (Alif Dhaal Atoll/ADH), I felt a rare tropical breeze caress my neck during this heated hour of late noon.
October 29/2018
Dance Coma
It is the unusual practice during the key change of Boduberu when dancers get possessed. Known as Vajidhuvun, the process of self-hypnosis through dance was a very common practice among Maldivians in the ancient times.
October 27/2018
The Rise and Fall of the First Republic
The Presidential Elections 2018 has recently ended in the Maldives marking the Sixth President of the Second Republic. Ever wonder why the Maldives commemorate the second republic?