News and Updates
December 30/2018
Sister Suvadive
During the era of the British Protectorate and the fall of the first republic, the Maldives was vulnerable. It was the peak years of the Cold War and a country relying on imports is barely surviving from the famine from during the Second World War.
December 25/2018
Demographics of Music
If you were imagining that the Maldives could be just like the Moana cartoon, you’re absolutely mistaken. The Maldives is not a derivative of those cultures and has not maintained it either.
December 24/2018
Cheapest Getaways: Thulusdhoo, Kaafu Atoll
It is a common mistake to crown Malé as the capital of Kaafu Atoll by a lot of people. However, Malé is the capital of Maldives and the capital of Kaafu Atoll is the island Thulusdhoo.
December 23/2018
Framed Silvers
Despite the social and economic crisis in Zimbabwe, the hyperinflation leads to a rather simple yet meaningful loss to the country. It was when the government had to let go of their currency, the Zimbabwean dollar.
December 20/2018
Magu, Hingun & Goalhi: A Maldivian Street Thing
Walking down the street, you always wondered how the streets are named in Male’ City. Distinctively given a name for every street, avenue and alley, the naming system of Male’ streets may seem rather random.
December 15/2018
Sunny Side of Life
One of the top most tropical vacation points in the entire world is the Maldives. A country surviving a few feet above sea level, the island nation usually experiences an average temperature of 30°C during the day and 28°C at night.
December 5/2018
Meditation on the Indian Ocean
When one describes the Maldives, it is always the verdant palm trees, the white sandy beaches or the turquoise shores that headline every article or story.
December 4/2018
Leaves Before Plates
Before goods were properly imported in the Maldives, people only received tealeaves, sugar, rice and flour as the basic components from overseas.
November 25/2018
Garland Of Islands
In Sanskrit the “Garland of Maldives” translates to Maladvipa, which is recognized as the origin of the island nation’s unique name. The phrase expresses the double chained series that number up-to 26 geographical atolls.