Look up for once!
April 9/2019

Despite the brightly saturated colors of daytime in the Maldives, take a night off and visit the beach. You are likely to be greeted by meditable calm water waves but for once, look up. Lie down on the sunbed and observe the twinkling stars decorated on the purplish-navy sky above. You might as well catch a shooting star, or meteor showers rarely.

Maldivians were not name-worthy mathematicians, but they were indeed great navigators. Travelling across the islands were not easy when they used sails for fuel and instincts as the GPS. It may take a trip days or even weeks within the country, depending on the currents and the wind patterns. Likewise, after nightfall boat captains used the constellations as their maps. For a country so isolated, light pollution is very minimal. This gives plenty of room for stars to glow, clearly exposing the furthest and dimmest of them all.

You are unlikely to see much in the city, but across islands and resorts; you will see plenty. It is not entirely “The Starry Night” but more like glitter sprayed over a black carpet recklessly. Full moons are too bright, so always keep an eye for the new moon nights. During these nights the moon sets right after dusk, giving stars their freedom to gleam, glow and shine.

You can see Saturn & Venus to the naked eye just before sunrise, Jupiter mostly over the night and Mars right after sunset. If you have a telescope you are likely to catch Asteroids and the rest of the solar system in the Maldives. The paradise is not only about the day, but also popular for its late-night fairytale inspired sky.