When in Maldives
January 19/2019

When in Maldives, you are more likely to stand out in public which will get you some stares, especially in the islands. More people are used to have tourists around, so it is usually not a problem. However, if you are trying to let loose and just fit in the Maldives, there is an entire check-list for it.

When in Maldives, you want to show less skin not because it is an Islamic country because the heat will give you some serious sunburns. Some thin fabric clothes, hats and shades are the best way to go; say no to shoes and yes to slippers. Also, if you are looking to walk the runway, wear some warm colours (not too vibrant), you will slay on the streets.

It will be really cool if you know how to ride a bike or at least know how to swim when in Maldives. Considering you do not want to be wearing that ugly and uncomfortable life-jacket when travelling across the country, and you do not want to be walking all the time. Sometimes it is just easier to stroll around in a bicycle.

For all those who want to try it all, Maldivians love nuts. Nuts are in every shop and offered after every meal in every restaurant in the Maldives. So when in Maldives, try the areca nut servings, it actually helps nausea after a mouthful and gets rid of the aftertaste.

Well, that is mostly it for now considering there are so many things to learn about the Maldivian culture. Maybe read a travel guide and learn some things but don’t worry, almost 99% of the population speaks English. You are good to go to survive as a backpacker or a tourist in the Maldives unless you don’t speak English in which you may need to phone a friend.