Arvaca Announces Its Publishing Date
January 15/2018

27th February 2018. Arvaca has just finalized the date on which we will publish our first issue, Arvaca Travel Maldives February 2018. Like all great things that have inspired great change, or changed the way we live for the better, Arvaca too started out as a simple but brilliant idea consolidated in the work sheds, in a fury of passion and a continuous labor of love spanning a strenuous 4 months to date. After stumbling upon a fairly new, extremely fascinating invention that promises to be a ubiquitous technology, we seized the paramount opportunity to integrate it into a magazine that’s targeted to impact the travel industry of the Maldives, in ways that will challenge the norm and spark imaginations all over the world.

Arvaca is the world’s first fully integrated augmented reality travel magazine, the first of its kind and an idea that without asking riled up the dedication, passion and effort of a group of individuals banded together by the unique prospect of doing something that has never been done before, working towards the cause. After putting the project in motion the unimaginable scope and potential soon became evident. Arvaca Travel Maldives is a product that just may have the potential to revolutionize an industry.