The Bandos Experience
In the middle of the Indian Ocean sits the island of Bandos. A picture perfect paradise hidden away from life's everyday stresses. The clear blue water, vibrant plant life and white sandy beaches create an immediate feeling of tranquility. 

From the moment you arrive you will see first hand the friendly, attentive service that has earned Bandos the reputation of the ‘Island of Hospitality’. Maldivian resorts are mostly known for being luxurious and modern. However, when people from all around the globe plan their trip, their true intention doesn’t depend merely on the luxury but also to get a glimpse of local culture. Bandos Maldives is well known for keeping the ancient culture and true island tropical feeling alive for the past 46 years. 

Room Types

  • Standard Rooms
  • Deluxe Rooms
  • Classic Rooms
  • Garden Villas
  • Jacuzzi Beach Villas
  • Water Villas
  • Jacuzzi Pool Villas
Bandos Maldives
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